Tilt Garage Doors

Custom made one-piece construction to suit your needs

TILT GARAGE DOORS consist of a single large panel connected to two hinges and springs and will suit practically any landscape, as the single panel can be painted any colour or clad in any number of different materials to provide interesting and unique effects.

TILT DOORS is lifted to open it, and it tilts back and into the top of the building by swinging out and up. As the door is lifted, powerful extension springs contract, pulling the door up and into the building.

Minimal installation clearances required – able to fit where most other garage doors will not.

Tilt doors are built with less moving parts, so they will have minimal chance of breaking and also operate a lot quieter than conventional doors.

Because of the TILT DOOR’s custom-made one-piece construction, we create this door in a wide variety of materials, textures, designs and colours to suit your needs.

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