Knotwood Collection Sectional Doors

At WotsOk, we even offer steel sectional garage doors, which are designed to give an impression of a timber garage door. The galvanized steel panels are hand painted as to give a fascinating ambiance of a real timber door. You can also choose between 13 standard colour finishes and more non standard available on our catalogue choosing according to your preferences.

This option is not only insulated against rain and pests, but also provides steady support and protection. Our sectional door line has insulated core panels, which provide enduring robustness enabling a persistent running for years. Furthermore, insulation maintains equilibrium within the garage resulting in reduced energy costs.

There has always been a fear of hand injury while using a garage door, but our revolutionary Finger-Safe technology has reduced all such exposures. Our garage doors are equipped with the innovative Finger-Safe panel designs along with nylon hinges leading to a risk-free, more refined, facile running.

WotsOk services not only provide the most contemporary Garage door designs, but are also one of the most skilful and experienced service providers in Australia. We provide quality service to our clients who also acknowledge our prompt and competent services.

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