Garage Door Repairs in Melbourne

Our specialists perform efficient and reliable automatic garage door repairs Melbourne-wide

Garage Door Repairs Melbourne
Garage Door Repairs Melbourne
Looking for experienced garage door repair specialists? Whether the door springs have broken or you need garage door remote repairs, WotsOk is your trusted provider of garage door servicing across Melbourne.

The spring does all of the work in lifting your door. Many people believe that the opener does the work but that is simply not true. The entire weight of the garage door is lifted by the spring. Most of the time when you have a broken spring you will know it. In most cases the opener will not lift a door with a broken spring.

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Is it time to organise garage door repair for your Melbourne home?

  • Lubricate your springs annually. By spraying a gel lubricant across the spring each year, you will reduce the friction on the spring and prevent premature breakage.
  • If the door does not operate smoothly or falls back down, you may need tension added to the springs in order to prevent premature operator wear.

Never try to replace or adjust a garage door spring on your own, as serious injury may occur. Garage door repairs and spring replacement are best left up to the professional.

From garage roller door repairs through to sectional garage door repairs and of course, electric garage door repairs, WOTSOK Service can help you with that no matter what the need. We are here to help with professional automatic garage door repair at affordable pricing. Contact us today.

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